Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A little soft

Was reading a post Dio put up today about boredom being a powerful motivator and getting a little soft around the middle. Well that's the part that been getting me lately. I have been putting a lot of hours in working and at home and I'm feeling it more than I think I should be. I used to do concrete form work and though its heavy work it keeps a man in a fair amount of shape.Now my job is a lot less strenuous which is good for my bad back but not so good for the rest of the body. You see I have been 300 + since high school but I always was active playing sports, hiking, biking, hunting, and working so for the most part I was in pretty good shape but now a few months from 37 and a back surgery and such later. I'm getting a little soft and now that I'm working hard like  used to and I'm feeling it bad. Now the hard part is that I love to eat, hell I live to eat. All my hobbies revolve around food hunting for food, fishing for food, gardening. I only grow stuff I can eat and I love to cook staying busy helps a little but I don't cut weight in the summer like I did when I was 20 so it looks like a little extra is needed. Its time to whip this good ole boy back in shape. My diet should be the easy part didn't get big eating fast food don't like the stuff (unless its an italian coldcut with everything & beer, beers gonna hurt a bit) just gotta eat a little less and with my back weights are a no no but I gotta a bike, kayak and some hills to hike some push ups and sit ups and I should be good to go just need to stop procrastinating and get on with it no day like today. Whew hit the scale 337 ouch! A big part of being prepared is being in shape or at least the best shape you can be in.

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