Sunday, July 1, 2012


So a storm friday night in the mid atlantic wind blows trees fall power goes out treatment plant cant treat water, water restrictions, (not like this happens I dont know at least  once a year) Panic ensues store run out of bread and water poeple loose all their food to spoil and cant function. You would think that eventually enough poeple would figure out that some time things go wrong and ya might just have to fend for yourselves for a bit you know maybe a week or so but nooo. It really scares me to live around so many idiots in a tight place knowing that they cannot handle a small storm never mind a major catastrophy. I live in a small apartment and have by no means all the preps I would like but I can a least feed and water the family for a week. And hey I like my a/c more than most its probaly my favorite invention ever but there are ways to stay relatively cool and safe in 100 degree humid wheather its just unfortunate that so many have lost touch with the non climate controled world that they dont know how to function with out it. All these things refocus me to prepping a little more and going over my exit strategies in case something crazy happens. Just a thought

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