Monday, April 29, 2013

Mexico Vacation

I have been absent from my blog for about a month the longest I think since I started Livin the Dream. Well March ended with Md's normal snow one day hot the next and blasted us into April with 80 degree temps which got the blood boiling for some more fishing. However it was not to be cause the work load was intense and vacation was looming on the horizon. I spent the last two years paying a new bill 100 a month so I could head some place tropical every couple of years when winter is dragging its ass getting out of here, but ma nature blessed us with tropical weather before I left out I felt so cheated. We spent the 12 thru 19 in the Rivera Maya at the Iberostar Maya resort. It was an awesome resort weather was spectacular hovering around 87 the entire week but it was also windy which through a snag into my fishing plans. I had to go to plan B it was terrible hanging out at the pool bar all day taking in the views. I hung in there though also managed a few trips to town and climbed a big rock pile I think they call them ruins even learned a bunch from our tour guide about Mayan culture that I didn't know much about. The trip didn't come off completely as planned however the day before I left my 95 year old grandmother passed away and I ended up missing her funeral then air tran managed to destroy two suit cases one of them as we were checking in because our lazy ass check in person couldn't manage to do her job and place the bag all the way on the carousel so the zipper caught ripping the front pocket clean off the bag and spreading its contents all about. then they managed to leave out bags out in the rain for an hour as the jockeyed our plane to the gate. It a good thing you don't need many clothes in paradise. My other plan was to stay away from the TV newspapers blogs and any other news outlets for the entire week. That lasted until Monday when the only talk around the bar was the happenings in Boston. I will say that you get a different perspective getting your news on foreign television they don't seem to be as sensationalistic as US news sources they actually give you what they know and leave it at that. Even with the bad the trip was still good that's life after all. We drank some for grand ma she was Irish  and enjoyed every minute of what we had so enough of chatter here are some pictures.
 My hang out the pool bar

                                                         Tough life at the bar with the girlz
                                                        Crab smoorgasboard
                                                            Front desk
                                                            The Snake Bar
                                                     Climbing Cobe
                                                                          Mexican wildlife Playa Del Carmen
                                                                  The Beach

                                                               Me and Speedy
   The room didn't spend alot of time here but a good place to sleep off tequila
 rappelling in the cenote

                                            More Mexican wildlife coaties
 snow the week before we left
 Preparing for Mexico

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