Sunday, January 5, 2014

Heres to fishing without an ice breaker

So I had this big post written about my year end and plans for the new year it was excellent trust me but then my laptop died and took the post with it so screw it happy new year. So far its a good year to be a polar bear. I dont mind the cold down to say 30 like it was this morning hell took the dog out in shorts and my carhart not too bad but saturday I bailed on hunting. Sitting in a tree stand on a cold windy ridge when its 8 degrees just does sound fun to me. Yeah sure I camped and hunted in the mountains when it was -3 once we were even in a summer tent (note I said once) it makes a great story but you can keep that shit. I know someone from Minnesota will say Im a sissy and thats fine its why I dont live in Minnesota its cold there I hate cold you can keep it. Its forcast to be 7 here monday night so Ill be next to the wood stove as I was this weekend looking out the window and thinking the north can have its weather back. Heres to the new year and spring where I can go fishing without an icebreaker.

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