Sunday, January 17, 2016

Random Meanderings and Flag Poles

         Totally random but swung in the 7 11 near work and saw this plaque on wall.
Which in turn sent me down a worm hole and now I have more useless information about OUIJA boards then one would ever need to know. 

Then Saturday at work again I got to watch a guy do this

Our flag rigging broke free in a nor'easter earlier in the year and as it turns out there are not to many people in the country that climb 50 foot flag poles on 10 story building left anymore. This gentleman named Chuck owner of American Climbers LLC out of Wisconsin was the only one I found. He genuinely loves his work and was up snapping pictures of the city and enjoying the view.Apparently we have a small pole on a little building. Hell of a nice guy and fellow hunter (we were swapping stories while he was here when I first tried contacting him he was elk hunting in Montana)and at 59 he sure puts a lot of youths I know to shame with his energy. Only took him a few minutes to get her done and now old glory fly proud again.

I took video but can't seem to get it to load maybe ill work on it later. And because he finished so fast and I happened to have my 45 with me I hit the indoor range on the way home.Its probably the first time in about a year that I shot by myself. I seem to always have a tag a long or new shooter with me. The time alone showed that I really need to work on my shooting, it was dismal. The good is I have no problem spending more time at the range. the bad is  for the life of me I don't know what I'm doing wrong.  A friend with a lot more experience than I do is going with me this week and the bonus  I get to shoot his new Walther PPQ so that should be fun. I hear the triggers are nice, not that I at this point would know the difference. 

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