Monday, October 7, 2013

leatherman wingman reveiw

So sparked  by posts at Say Uncle and Ultimate Answer To Kings I realized its been a year or so since I bought my Leatherman. It wasn't a planned buy I lost my old one overboard and I was in West Marine looking for some rivets and saw it on the end cap, threw it in the basket and was on my way. Since then I have pried, hammered, cut and beat it to death and taken it just about everywhere I go (save a trip to Mexico the whole TSA bullshit ). Its still functional hasn't broken and the blade keeps a decent edge. I work as a maintenance man and it gets used just about every day it has been fishing ( I keep this one tethered) and hunting used it to fix bow sites not gut deer though I'm sure it would do just fine. I never expected it to be this tough and last as long but it has impressed me I'm sure I will break it or lose it eventually but its been a good bang for the buck I think it cost about $35.00 or so. So imho if you need a good multi tool at a decent price you wont go wrong with a Leatherman Wingman

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