Sunday, August 28, 2016

Just Livin

         Started this week off at another ballgame. Different company this time and not out of my pocket which suits me fine. Work had a team building get together so about twenty of us headed to the O's game Monday night. Boss bought us all appetizers and drinks before the game and my my partner in crime Benjamin and I took full advantage. It was a great night with good folks.

Dos Amigo's

Some of us might of drank a little to much but who's counting. Spent the rest of the week trying to get things caught up at work and home. I have an upcoming vacation and it been way to long since my last. Want to have my ducks in a row before I leave. I hate when people go on vacation and leave loose ends so I don't like to leave my guy's like that if I can help it.
        Had to tame my feral garden, it's been producing well but I have neglected it this year.
Bell Flower planted it for my Korean mama Ms Jean 

Notice the cantaloupe growing up the house

Second of my 2 cantaloupes first that I have been successful with here
Don,t know what flower this is my neighbor has one in her yard and now I do, pretty though.

Earlier in the week I tweaked my ankle so besides a evening paddle I been pretty much chilling out this week end. I managed to get my hunting gear together get some pictures off my fishing camera that has not been working right. Sometimes living the dream is slowing down propping up a bum foot, sipping a cold one and reading a book or two. Here are some random fishing pics and some from my evening paddle. Also an awesome water spout shot near my house.

Old marina and someones sunken dream
me cheesing, sent this to the wife when she ask how fishing was going

toothy critters

don't be skeered thumb him

gear for vacation

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