Wednesday, September 21, 2016

End Of Summer Road Trip OBX

        Its been a couple of years since the wife and I took a vacation and 10 since we went on vacation alone. So we loaded up the Xterra  strapped the Kayak to the top,put the dog in the back and headed south into tropical storm Hermine.  I watch the weather for 3 days to make sure I took the right route and left at the right time. We didn't want to drive through the storm but we also didn't want to miss a minute of beach time. The plan was to skirt the storm and drive in behind it as it cleared Virginia beach area then head on down to our destination in South Nags Head OBX. The plan work out well and we skirted the storm only having to change paths for 2 flooded roads and one accident. I took some awesome pictures of the angry James river going through Hampton Roads and down trees and power lines closer to the banks. Those photo's are lost for ever because my work I phone doesn't swim as well as I do.All was well, we stopped and got the requisite pulled pork BBQ for lunch and made great time with not many people on the road. Then we hit Wright Memorial Bridge, We could tell on the way down that some high winds had passed through (see trees and poles down). However the tree line was blocking the true force mother nature had in store. As we pulled onto the bridge ole ma nature did her best to rip my 14 foot kayak off the truck. Another picture lost was of the drive of a neighboring car's look of horror as my kayak turned sideway's and buffeted up and down.We did eventually make it across stopping in a wally mart parking lot to tighten straps and take white knuckles off the steering wheel (hers not mine). The rest of the trip to the realtors office was not as eventful even with the transformer blowing outside and power going out. I will give Sun Realty some props for being prepared they had back up power and didn't miss a beat.
     Our how was nice though everything in the area had blown into the pool and because of the wind I couldn't even pull the kayak off the car until Sunday. First night in the house was a little rough, you had to get your sea legs on. If you have never been to the outer banks everything is built on stilts and when it blows so does your house my pup was freaked the whole night. Once pass the excitement we settled in for a relaxing week.
Hatteras light house

Frogs were everywhere every time we opened front door 2 would hop in

putting the dunes back on pea island

White marlin release flags flying at Oregon Inlet

Sunset over park viewed from our balconyx

Bodie Island Light

Sand on the road in Avon

Mind you this guy was like this in a steady 30 mph wind

Puppy found this little guy
If you have never been to the Outer Banks its worth the trip even if you don't like the beach. Plenty of history nature and did i mention great fishing though that' s a later post. Yup, I am still Livin the Dream.

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