Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kayaks,Stripers,Blue Crabs and The freaking Blue Angels

Busy as usual but that is how I like it, just wish there was more time in a day. Here is a picture dump of my last week or so its been a mix of back breaking work and a bunch of fun.
White Rocks on the Patapsco

Got the kayak wet for the first time since patching the crack I got in carolina. I paddled out from my house to meet some Snaggedliners at Ft Smallwood for the October meet and greet. The weather was gray and rainy which is usually my better fishing days. I did catch a bunch of fish, let just be glad size didn't matter.

view from the deck

a good example of my catches for the day, what they lacked in size they made up in numbers

Moon closing out my day on the river.

With work scheduled day and night from Sunday on I would have to wait until the next Saturday to get back to the water. With Baltimore's Fleet Week celebration in town I did get a little entertainment on Wednesday and Thursday. The Blue Angels were scheduled to perform on the weekend and their practice took place right over the city. It never gets old hearing the pure fury of the jets soaring over head and growing up near the Navel Academy I have had the pleasure many times. Its is always an awesome experience.
Blue Angels practicing over Baltimore View from Hotel Indigo roof

On Saturday the 15th my yakin buddies and I had one last crabbing trip planned for the year. A cold snap had us wondering if we made the right choice. Unlike the fish, the crabs cooperated in size and numbers.

Yachts coming through the draw bridge to go be seen at Fleet Week

first run

almost there

ready for steamer just add corn

We didn't know we get to see part of the air show from the house. We got to watch jets headed up the river, the Blue angels cross over the neighborhood and some Geico air writing. It was an awesome day nothing says Livin The Dream like crabs, beer and good company.

Blue Angels over Riviera Beach. I think they were following me.

Moon rising over a great day crabbing on the creek
Sunday I had painting scheduled at the college but once the Planes started flying I got distracted and decided to walk down to the wharf and take in the show. My better half went to Ft McHenry with my neighbor. She definitely got the best seats as I had to watch the action from across the harbor. She took plenty of pictures and rubbed it in with some great video.
The view west from Fells Point

Jets over the Urban Garden

Wife's veiw at Ft McHenry

Tall Ships At the inner harbor not my picture

Better halfs view 

Again not my pic but I can wish

My repair on the kayak didn't hold so I will have to revisit that project this weekend after I get out of the woods. Mr white tail is a calling and my freezer is empty. So until next time......

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