Sunday, October 2, 2016

Off the pier

     This was a hell week for me, threw my back out first thing Monday morning picking up a plastic bag at work then had to limp through the rest of the week. This getting old shit sucks I used to be crooked for 2 days when my back went out and now it takes every bit of 5. So most of my plans for the week were changed in  favor of resting my bones. By yesterday I was feeling better took the pooch for a nice long walk in the rain and put my camping gear back in storage. I had a painting job to finish today and I guess my back wasn't ready yet. By the time I drove home I could barely get my ass out the car. I was gonna take the yak out for a paddle but instead watched the O's clinch a playoff birth. The fishing call was too strong though,so I limped my ass down to the pier at dusk and laid into some small stripers, which with the adult beverage I'm having right now has made everything cheery.
Caught a bunch of these little guys and a mess of perch

Menhaden in the shallows 
     I have lived around the Chesapeake all my life and spent the last 3 years on Stoney Creek and I will say that tonight was the most bait fish I have seen at once in my life. The whole creek was popping as far as the eye could see. I hope this is a sign of better times for the bay for as the menhaden thrive so will everything else.

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