Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Still Kicken

Ok started this a week or so ago and never posted. A late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Y"all. I dropped off the internet after being married to the brick and mortar above for the better part of November. I needed a break and I had vacation days to kill. December started off with a bang. Tore up a early Holiday party with the work family.
 Then spent as much time in the woods as possible. I chased mr and mrs white tail to and fro but chasing was all that was happening. I watch as all my hunting partners punch their tags. I just couldn't catch a break.
weather was warm except for days I had off so the yak stayed on the shelf.

Me and my big sis
cousin Rob and uncle Neil

Xmas present from the wife new bow hunting pack
of course i had to modify it to fit my big ass

My Favorite Irish Bar Mick O'Sheas
The Shady Bunch