Sunday, January 22, 2017

Winter fishing trip

My goose hunting plans for the week end took a turn south early in the week and I missed the call to hunt them with my nephew. The good news is some fishing non hunting buddies saw the favorable forecast (highs near 50 overcast no wind) and planned a little winter fishing excursion. Fishing reports noted yellow perch being caught and crappie and pickerel are always a winter delight. No planning from me I got to be a tag along on this one. We skipped a local spot that was jammed with anglers plucking what yellows were available and opted for spots off the beaten track. Unfortunately the reason for the crowd was yellows accessible from shore. Our first two locations held fish, just not in casting range, and having left the kayaks at home Not all involved own one yet we were left to watch. The second spot we hit was for and different fish and the only catch there was my nephews lost boot  from the hammer buck hunt.
Sent to nephew to ask if he was missing something. I am currently holding it for ransome. I havent named my price yet.
But hey a catch is a catch as long as he hasn't jettisoned the other one I'm sure he will be happy to get
These guys are lucky I am fishing.
this one back. We moved again opting for some ponds with hope of a crappie bite and though they didn't co operate the bass and pickerels did finally livened up and the skunk was off. All the hunting buds caught fish but only one of the fishing buds could manage to hook up. might be a little rivalry for future trips.
Broke the skunk with this guy wasn't expecting bass

My pickerel friend

Billybobs first bass of the day

Pete with the biggest bass

There may or may not have been some adult beverages involved by some. Here we have a true professional in his element.
Gray cloudy and foggy at times but a nice day for a walk in the woods

My nephew sent this pic late last night they got one glad I missed the trip. Fishing was much more productive.Ill get em next time.