Monday, June 5, 2017

I don't need no dam Dr

Been a rough few weeks since my last post. I spent the end of May running around getting gardens together, beehive online and the rest of spring things, coupled with a business trip and of course too much work. In the midst of this I threw my back out and just when I thought I had that back on line I got sick with what I'm guessing was the flu. My guessing comes from the fact that I gave it to my wife for her birthday and her Dr said she had the flu. Note to Husbands your wife will not want the flu for her birthday, just saying. In the process of sneezing I also strained my back again. I cant remember ever having the flu in my life, Hell I rarely catch a cold. So this thing kicked me right in the nuts, I have felt like shit for 3 weeks its almost made me want to see a Dr, almost. The flu I think I could do but my back out and the flu is bullshit. I trudged through work thinking it was just a bad cold so sorry to my co workers if I passed it along. Me being me this past Sunday I figured I felt good enough to go get a line wet. So my fishing buddy Tony and I put the yaks in and paddled out to do some fun fishing. Fishing was excellent the perch were willing and plentiful. I also managed to snag a couple under sized stripers. Felt so good to be out that we drank some beer in celebration. Not a good idea, I was apparently not quite well yet and this flu kicked my ass all day today. Guess I'm gonna have to take it easy and maybe um you know see a Dr.
My ladies in there new homes

My beauty and her beast happy Bday and sorry for your present

Tony with a nice yellow perch

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