Thursday, February 25, 2016

Back In Service

It was a bitch and fought me tooth and nail but got her fixed up.
back in service and no I'm not handicapped the garage at work isn't open to the public yet
All the bolts on the brake caliper frame were stripped from the previous knuckle head that changed the brakes. I after many attempts, ended up cutting them off drilling and re tapping the holes. So my weekend project didn't get done until Monday around midnight. Had to get it done with a weeks forecast of rain and now she is sporting a new wheel bearing and some rugged ridge manual hubs which fixes my 4x4 problems. I also got a new tail light while I was at it, broke the last one pushing the truck in the snow. Let hope the ole girl holds together for a while now because Id rather spend my time fishing.

     Saturday I left working on the truck to get my new kayak. Patuxent Adventure Center called earlier last week and let me know it was in. They are about an hour away so I loaded up the wife and the dog and we took a nice ride in the country.
the new yak loaded up
    Pooch not looking to happy in the back he was ready to get out a bit. Ill have to give some props to Malibu Kayaks when Pax adventure told them my last x-factor was stolen and I was buying another they threw in a x-wing console for the kayak for free, that was pretty cool of them. I went back to the x factor because in my opinion there is no better paddling sit on top kayak that holds a big boy like me than the x-factor and I have tried quite a few of them. It fast for a big barge, tracks well and is really stable. I'm looking forward to getting it wet this weekend chasing some tasty yellow perch. My only bitch is they don't make em in green anymore but ill make do with the sand. The pooch got a treat for being a good boy we stopped by Rusty's BBQ on the way home and he got some brisket and arolina pulled pork.

Neighbors pier about under water

after the storm
It stormed its ass off last night up and down the east coast and the storms dropped a ton of rain which led to flooding all over. In the midst of the storm there was a gas leak at one of my buildings which of course I had to head out in the height of the storm to go and check. BGE had a leak under ground that came in on a new comcast line that was put in this week. while I was there the basemant flooded and the roof started leaking so it turned into a long night. Woke this morning to a flooded beach and a really high tide. I like to walk the beach and see whats washed up after a storm like that.

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