Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Happy Ladies

Visited my ladies today to make sure they were all happy.

They looked like the were doing well lots of honey in the lower and a good deal in the supers with a lot of drawn out comb. Who new I could keep over 5000 ladies happy at once.
At that moment all was well


  1. I was listening to the County Fair on the radio last evening, while sitting on the back porch, and they were talking about their honey bee display. They said, and maybe you can tell me if this is true or not...that for every 6th bite of food we eat, we owe it to a honey bee. Now THAT is something to think about!

    Per your title of this post...and your have hidden talents my friend! ; P

  2. I don't know exact numbers but they are responsible for a good amount of pollinating along with native bee's who are actually more efficient pollinators.Honey bees shine because they can be moved to different farms to help crops like apple orchards and almond trees during the growing seasons