Sunday, July 24, 2016

Summer time!

Summer is my busy time (as if I have a slow time). So things that require me to be indoors get neglected. But since its was 98 at the beach house today and putting brake on my new to me car lead me down a rabbit whole that had me cleaning and putting new shelves in my shed at peak heat of the day until I felt a bit faint, heart started racing and got dizzy as hell. So I decided to skip the evening paddle I had planned and eat ice cream and suck up some a/c. So Ill give some love to my blog instead. Nothing to complicated my mind not working on all cylinders yet.
Got some more newbies in plastic boats little feller was a natural

Caught and ate a lot of these guys

been exploring with the pooch  he like box turtles  better than snappers

Some fishing with my nephew and great nephew

he was putting us to shame on the perch

My new ride I can blend right into the city with this one all I need is a bernie sticker but on second though nah

Of course give my redneck ass time and it will look like this

Had to show her little brother she could do it too
hey I'm learning

O and did I mention I got Bee's more on that in a later post


  1. Watch that overheating dude...not good. Otherwise..loved this post...good stuff all 'round! Good choice on that Bernie sticker Dig the photos and family...awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing. ; )

  2. guess i'm getting old can't handle the heat like I used too Thanks for reading