Monday, July 25, 2016

It's all gone to the B's

                  As was promised the honey bee post. I work as a maintenance man and I don't talk about work here for good reasons and conflict of interest, though I could probably publish a book on the goings on of my job. Anyway I work at a newly remodeled hotel in an old YMCA building in a downtown east coast city, hows that for beating around the bush. When we were about done with the work and getting ready to open a year or so ago I brought up in a meeting that it would be awesome to have a full roof top garden and honey bees. Every one though that be cool and then we got busy with work stuff and I pretty much forgot about the whole thing and settled in with a few buckets of maters planted in them last summer. However my idea struck a cord and one of the owner reps happen to be a bee keeper himself and long story short our hotel now has two honey bee hive and I have been on a crash course as a bee keeper since May. I think I have read every book offered on the subject on kindle and things are going well so far, fingers crossed I don't f this up. I'm kinda liking my little ladies.
the hives arrive

chose a spot on the lower roof that get sun and wind protection

our nucs arrived

setting up the hives

looking good 

happy ladies putting in work

a little bearding in the heat
Don't worry Levi your still my favorite

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  1. Right on! It's nice to be heard. Let us know how you like the honey.